Hello Peeps! My name is Josh. Single. Capricorn. I'm 22 and live in Arizona. My birthday is January 16th. I hate pickles and strawberries. I have an unhealthy obsession with Henry Cavill, Colton Haynes, and Dane DeHaan. I ship Destiel, Merthur, Brolin, and anything else I enjoy. Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Farscape, Merlin, and Supernatural are among a few of my top shows.
I'm here for anyone that needs to talk. Have a nice day!

2.08 Lagertha appreciation post

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…The crannogman (Howland Reed) found himself bullied by three squires, none older than fifteen-years-old. He had already “grown to manhood”, but the boys were all larger than him in size. His only offensive weapon, a three-pronged spear, was easily snatched away by his opponents. He was then thrown into the ground. His assailants repeatedly mocked him, shoved him, and kicked him. Help arrived in the person of L y a n n a  (the she - wolf), who shouted indignantly that Howland was her father’s bannerman. She beat off his attackers with a tourney sword, scattering them away. The crannogman was wounded and Lyanna took him back to her “lair”, probably a tent. She cleaned his wounds and bound them with linen, then introduced the guest to her brothers B r a n d o n (the wild wolf), E d d a r d  (the quiet wolf), and B e n j e n (the pup).[x]

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Lucien Carr; smile ^^

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color meme  fightingsomany asked: merlin + "summer" palette

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17 of 100  » photos candids of my bae Fat Face Dane

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