Hello Peeps! My name is Josh. Single. Capricorn. I'm 22 and live in Arizona. My birthday is January 16th. I hate pickles and strawberries. I have an unhealthy obsession with Henry Cavill, Jensen Ackles, Dane DeHaan, and Dylan Sprayberry. I ship Destiel, Merthur, Brolin, and anything else I enjoy. Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Farscape, Merlin, and Supernatural are among a few of my top shows.
I'm here for anyone that needs to talk. Have a nice day!

How do I spend my Friday night?

By watching Nurse Jackie and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, eating some nasty pop tarts, and sleeping with my shirt off for the first time in like ever since my room decided it wanted to turn into a pit of hell.

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